sabato, febbraio 07, 2009

Dalla mailing list di Al Gore

Riceviamo sulla lista Aspo questa recente risposta dalla mailing list di Al Gore, cui Giovanni Marocchi (socio Aspo) è iscritto.

Dear Giovanni,

Today, I will be testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about repowering America and the need for us to resume global leadership on the climate crisis. As you know, it's acritical time in our country and we all have a role to play. I've recorded a short video message to share my perspective on what's at stake right now. Take a moment and please watch it. In Congress, our leaders are debating an economic recovery package. It includes unprecedented support for putting Americans back towork building a clean energy economy. But entrenched interests in Washington will be working hard toweaken the legislation -- opposing funding for clean energy programs that support things like wind, solar, energy efficiency and a new national electric grid. As members of Congress work out the details of a bill that can pass both the House and the Senate, it's important that you let each of your elected representatives know that you want the recovery to be about repowering America. You and I know that continuing with the status quo will not revitalize the U.S. economy. Please make sure your elected officials know, too. Watch the video and send a quick note to Congress:

Today, we can start to get America back on track.

Thanks for everything,
Al Gore

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Anonimo ha detto...

Penso che la risposta sia nell'utilizzo della più potente macchina di propaganda che la nazione possiede.
Dite a Gore di finanziare una fiction di successo (penso ad "Heroes") ambientata in un futuro in cui l'energia "verde" sia una realtà apprezzata.
Gli americani potrebbero così sognare il proprio futuro e cominciare a desiderarlo, vedendone gli effetti pratici.